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For patios and outdoor entertainment areas, a stamped concrete patio is a great decorative flooring choice. The look of natural stone can be achieved with stamped concrete without the high cost of stone flooring construction. Save money and have the same decorative look like natural stone at a fraction of the price. You can choose from a range of designs and colors.  Modern concrete patio is a wonderful way to inject new life into your patio! When you engage the support of specialists like us, you can be assured that the job will be done to your satisfaction. You can’t go wrong with concrete patio contractors in Phoenix, AZ if you want to increase your available living room while still increasing the value and appearance of your home.

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Concrete Patio Process

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In the short and long run, stamped concrete is still much more cost-effective. Concrete materials are much less expensive than stone and pavers, and installation is simple and convenient. Concrete is also easier to keep clean. Weeds can’t grow because there aren’t enough joints and spaces. Sweeping and cleaning surfaces to erase dirt is all that is required for maintenance. It’s easy, and with proper maintenance, your stamped concrete patio can last for decades. We have a wide range of wonderful stamp patterns and textures to turn your concrete slab patio into a wonderful and long-lasting surface where family and friends can safely gather. Our Stamped Concrete Phoenix, AZ. Provides the best concrete patio service so call us now for the fast service.

Is stamped concrete suitable for use on a patio?

Colored and stamped concrete, with its superior durability and weather resistance, is an excellent option for achieving the high-end look of stone, brick, or timber on patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, and courtyards.

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Prior to the installation of the cement patio As you can see, there was a huge crack along the patio’s seam, causing it to sink toward the building. It also revealed avoid, or gap, underneath the back of the house’s concrete step. You should be scared about water running through your foundation if you have concrete that is sinking toward the home. To level the concrete and fill the step, we used foam.

Following the leveling of the asphalt patio – The courtyard is level now that the foam has been injected, and the void underneath the step has been filled. There’s no need to be concerned about water seeping into your foundation or a trip hazard in your yard.

What type of maintenance does a patio require?

Every two years, re-seal it and add a non-slip product to make it safer to walk on when it’s wet or snowy. To avoid scratching your new patio’s surface, use shovels with plastic tips.

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They were fantastic: on time, obviously knew what they were doing, and were extremely professional. They kept me informed at every stage of their work, and their communication was excellent. My foundation received a thorough inspection report with a registered engineer’s stamp. They just advised me to put it in our driveway. This indicates to me that these guys are completely trustworthy. I’ll only use them for any foundation needs that arise in the future. We would only contact Stamped Concrete Phoenix AZ if we have any further concerns about our foundation. Thank you so much, guys!

Stephanie Jensen

Phoenix, Arizona

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Affordable & Durable

Concrete Paver Patio has the benefit of being long-lasting. When exposed to the elements, it will not divide or crack. After a decade of use, your stamped concrete will look just as good as it did the day it was installed. The surface material can last longer and resist damage from rain and heat if properly maintained.

Expert Contractors

Our contractors will have the assurance that their efforts will be recognized and that they will learn what it takes to produce high-quality work. So, before your project starts, make an appointment with our contractor and let him tell you these five things he wants you to know.

Commercial Exteriors

Stamped Concrete Phoenix’s professionals and experts provide the best, reliable and fast service. They would help you update your home’s exterior with decorative concrete overlays customized to your preferences. with new or existing architectural designs that complement your company’s style. Call now for getting the best service.

Patterns & Designs

Stamped Concrete Phoenix will build any shape, curve, straight edge, etc, whatever you want. For your stamped backyard concrete patio or concrete painted patio because stamped concrete is such a flexible material. For concrete patios, driveways, pool decking, and sidewalks, and other types of service, we have a lovely selection of stamping designs.

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